Third dissemination in Italy

In December 2023, Associazione Puck, our partner in Italy for the Environmental Rights Are Human Rights (ERAHR) project, organized an event for local youth workers. This gathering was centered around sharing the insights, skills, and tools developed through the ERAHR project, aiming to empower those who engage with the youth on environmental protection and human rights issues.

The event served as a platform for Associazione Puck to introduce the key outputs of the ERAHR project, such as the Pedagogies Guidebook and E-learning Modules. These resources are crafted to assist youth workers in incorporating environmental and human rights education into their programs effectively.

The gathering also featured discussions, allowing youth workers to exchange experiences, challenges, and achievements. This aspect of the event fostered a sense of community and mutual support among the participants, highlighting the importance of collaboration in making a positive impact on the younger generation.