Pedagogies Guidebook

The Pedagogies Guidebook is a comprehensive resource that offers valuable insights into non-formal learning approaches in the field of environment and human rights education. This guidebook provides an overview of the project’s focus, identifies existing needs, and addresses gaps in methodologies and competences. It equips youth workers with a roadmap to becoming effective green human rights activists, emphasizing the interconnectedness of environmental and human rights issues.

E-learning modules

The E-learning Modules are a comprehensive educational program designed to provide youth workers with essential competences in the field of environment and human rights. Accessible through a user-friendly online platform, these modules explore the interconnections between human rights and the environment and guide learners on applying a human rights-based approach to environmental protection. With interactive content, quizzes, and tracking features, the E-learning Modules offer an engaging and effective learning experience for youth workers.

Toolkit for Green Youth Workers

The Toolkit for Green Youth Workers is a valuable resource designed to empower and guide youth workers in the field of environmental and human rights education. Based on a comprehensive Key Competencies and Methodology Matrix, this toolkit provides a step-by-step guide for developing skills, enhancing knowledge, and fostering green human rights activism. With a range of activities grouped by methodology, the toolkit equips youth workers with practical tools to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices while ensuring the protection of human rights.

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