Kickoff meeting

We are excited to announce that the project kickoff meeting for ERAHR took place on the 12th of November 2022 in Spain. Representatives from the three partner organizations came together to mark the official start of the project and begin their collaborative efforts.

During the kickoff meeting, the partners discussed the project’s vision, objectives, and collaborative framework. They quickly moved to divide the work and focus on the first output, the Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook. This guidebook aims to provide valuable insights into non-formal learning approaches in environment and human rights education, addressing existing needs and filling gaps in methodologies and competences.

With the project officially underway, ERAHR is committed to making a positive impact on the field of youth work and environmental education. The team is enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead and remains dedicated to promoting sustainable development, protecting human rights, and empowering young people.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue this important journey towards a greener and more inclusive future.