Intermediate meeting

On the 15th of April 2023, the Intermediate Meeting was held in France, bringing together representatives from all partner organizations. This pivotal gathering served as a platform for fruitful discussions and strategic planning.

During the meeting, the highlight was undoubtedly the completion of the Pedagogies Guidebook. This comprehensive resource, meticulously developed by the dedicated team, offers valuable insights into non-formal learning approaches in the fields of environment and human rights education. The guidebook serves as a cornerstone, providing an overview of the project’s focus and identifying existing needs and gaps in methodologies and competences.

Moreover, the partners collectively laid out the roadmap for the next phase of the project. The realization of the eagerly anticipated e-learning modules took center stage in the discussions. These modules, designed to equip youth workers with essential competences in the areas of environment and human rights, will soon be piloted during an upcoming training event in Ercolano, Italy.

The training in Ercolano will provide an invaluable opportunity to evaluate and refine the e-learning modules. The pilot testing phase will allow the partners to gather feedback, make necessary adjustments, and ensure that the modules effectively meet the learning needs of youth workers. This hands-on approach ensures that the final product will be comprehensive, engaging, and aligned with the project’s objectives.

As we move forward, we remain committed to fostering high-quality youth work and empowering young individuals for a sustainable future. The Intermediate Meeting served as a reminder of the strength of our collaboration and the shared vision that drives us. We look forward to the upcoming milestones and the positive impact we will continue to make in the field of environmental and human rights education.