Final conference in Spain

A final local conference was hosted by Asociación Crecimiento Verde in Spain this February 2024. This event marked a major milestone in Asociación Crecimiento Verde effort to merge human rights education with environmental advocacy. It brought together dedicated youth workers and stakeholders to review our achievements and discuss future actions.

The conference took place in the active community where Asociación Crecimiento Verde operates. It was a lively gathering of professionals passionate about youth work and environmental advocacy. Attendees got a close look at the results of the ERAHR project, including several educational tools and resources designed to empower youth workers and motivate young people.

Participants explored the Pedagogies and Competences Guidebook, learned about our interactive e-learning platform, and discovered the Toolkit for Green Youth Workers. These resources are intended to help youth workers address environmental challenges through education and advocacy effectively.

The event included several discussions led by Asociación Crecimiento Verde youth workers, offering deeper understanding and practical applications of our project’s outcomes. These sessions encouraged a valuable exchange of ideas and experiences.

The feedback from participants was positive, confirming the ongoing need for our work in this area. The conference demonstrated that the ERAHR project’s impact would continue to influence youth work and environmental advocacy moving forward.

We thank all the youth workers, stakeholders, and partners who participated in the conference. Your commitment to making a difference in society and the environment drives the success of projects like ERAHR.

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