Final conference in Italy

In February 2024, the final local conference for the Environmental Rights Are Human Rights (ERAHR) project was held in Ercolano by Amici di Puck. This event was a big moment for everyone involved, as it was a chance to show off all the hard work done throughout the project. People from different organizations came together to share what they had achieved, including the e-learning modules and the Toolkit for Green Youth Workers.

The conference was interactive, with presentations and workshops that let attendees see how the project’s tools could be used in real life. This was a great way for everyone to learn more about how to make a difference in environmental protection and human rights.

There was also time to talk about the challenges the project faced and how they were overcome. This discussion was important for understanding the impact of the project and planning for the future.

As the ERAHR project wrapped up with this conference, it was clear that the work done was important for teaching youth workers and others about the importance of combining environmental and human rights education. The project’s commitment to sharing its resources freely means that its impact will continue to grow, helping to educate and inspire even more people in the future.