Final conference in France

In February 2024, Together For Youth hosted its final local conference, marking a significant milestone in the Environmental Rights Are Human Rights (ERAHR) project. Surpassing expectations, the event welcomed 38 attendees, a diverse group of youth workers, educators and environmentalists, all gathered to reflect on the project’s journey and its far-reaching impacts.

The conference was a day of sharing and learning, showcasing the wealth of resources developed by ERAHR, such as guidebooks, e-learning modules, and toolkit designed to blend environmental protection with human rights education. Through interactive demonstrations and heartfelt testimonials, participants got a firsthand look at how these tools have empowered youth workers and inspired young individuals across Europe.

A spirit of collaboration and optimism filled the room as discussions turned towards the future, exploring ways to sustain and build upon the project’s achievements. Together For Youth’s conference close a chapter on the ERAHR project and opened new doors for ongoing engagement and action.