Start date: 01-09-2022

End date: 29-02-2024


Environmental Rights Are Human Rights (ERAHR) is an ambitious project that receives co-funding from the Erasmus Plus Programme. Its primary aim is to enhance the field of youth work by equipping youth workers with comprehensive skills, knowledge, and tools in the areas of human rights and environmental education. By integrating these two crucial aspects, ERAHR recognizes the intrinsic link between human rights and the environment, understanding that the protection and preservation of the environment are vital for upholding human rights and promoting sustainable development.

One of the key strengths of ERAHR lies in the development of a diverse range of learning resources and tools. These valuable assets will be created as Open Educational Resources (OERs), ensuring that they are freely accessible and readily available to a wide audience. The OERs will encompass various formats such as guidebooks, e-learning modules, and toolkits. By making these resources openly available, ERAHR facilitates continuous learning and professional development among youth workers, enabling them to stay abreast of emerging trends, innovative approaches, and best practices in the field.

With a focus on human rights and the environment, ERAHR aims to equip youth workers with the necessary competences to apply a human rights-based approach to environmental protection. Through comprehensive training and capacity-building initiatives, youth workers will gain the expertise to address environmental challenges through the lens of human rights. By doing so, they will actively contribute to the fight against climate change, environmental degradation, and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Furthermore, ERAHR recognizes the significance of engaging local communities and fostering youth participation in climate action. The project seeks to empower youth workers to become catalysts of change, mobilizing and inspiring young people to actively participate in environmental initiatives. By emphasizing civic engagement, ERAHR promotes a sense of responsibility and empowerment among youth, ensuring that their voices are heard and their actions have a positive impact on their communities and the environment.

Crucially, all the outputs generated by ERAHR, including the guidebooks, e-learning modules, and toolkits, will be disseminated as OERs. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the knowledge, expertise, and resources developed within the project are widely shared and accessible to educators, youth workers, and stakeholders across Europe and beyond. By fostering open collaboration and knowledge exchange, ERAHR aims to make a lasting and impactful contribution to the field of youth work, human rights, and environmental education.


Do you have any queries or suggestions? We are always here to engage in discussions about our mission, potential collaborations, educational opportunities, and how we can work together to enhance youth involvement in environmental protection and human rights advocacy. Your input is invaluable in helping us shape a sustainable future.